Nathan Drake (ENTP)

Nathan“Strangers trying to kill me. Left my map on a burning plane. Elena’s missing, most likely dead. That’s great. Great start, Nate.”

Extraverted Intuition (Ne): Nathan Drake is an idea guy. He searches for patterns and possibilities in the world, and uses them to guide him. Drake springboards from one idea to another until he finds what he is looking for. Which is usually Continue reading “Nathan Drake (ENTP)”

Cullen Rutherford (ESTJ)

Cullen_training ground.gif“We’re dying, but we can decide how. Many don’t get that choice.” -Cullen

Extraverted Thinking (Te): Commander Cullen is teased by his peers for constantly working on Inquisition operations, and taking little time for rest or recreation. He is always planning troop movements, allocating resources, and training soldiers. This causes him to become frustrated when people intentionally act irrationally. The Winter Palace is a nightmare for him; he is surrounded with people who do not share his regard for Continue reading “Cullen Rutherford (ESTJ)”

Josephine Montilyet (ESFJ)

Josephine_point.jpg“The Game is like Wicked Grace played to the death.
You must never reveal your cards.”
-Josephine Montilyet

Extraverted Feeling (Fe): As the Inquisition’s chief diplomat, Josephine must appease the organizations patrons and form alliances. She does this quite naturally, as she prefers to avoid conflict. Understanding the social atmosphere of a room has never been a challenge for Lady Montilyet. Continue reading “Josephine Montilyet (ESFJ)”

Aloy (INFJ)

“Confidence is quiet. You’re not.” -Aloy

Introverted iNtuition (Ni): Aloy sets a goal in the beginning of the game–to win the Nora clan’s Proving, and discover who her mother is. She spends most of her youth training to beat this local village’s competition, and remains unwavering in this objective. When preparing for the Proving, Aloy tells her adoptive father, Rost, that she will stay in contact with him, even if Continue reading “Aloy (INFJ)”

What is this site I’ve stumbled onto?

Welcome to the Jungian Gamer.

You may have heard of the Meyers-Briggs type indicator test, commonly abbreviated as MBTI. This personality test, although far from perfect, can be helpful in a myriad of different ways. It can help us understand a person’s actions and justifications, as well as their flaws.

You can learn more about the Meyers-Briggs test here. Stay posted for more basic MBTI information and insights!

My main interest is understanding the motivations of video and computer game characters. What makes a character compelling? Why are they determined to battle monsters, or rescue a damsel, or find their son? (or casually forget about the son they were trying to find…)

fallout_4_what_son_1.jpgShaun who? Doesn’t ring a bell.

Analyzing these people can help answer these questions. It can help us understand what makes an interesting character. It can help us develop our own characters.

Watch out for profiles of your favorite characters, and submit your own analyses with the Submit a Character page!